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Wireless Heating Pad and Massager For Pain Relief

Wireless Heating Pad and Massager For Pain Relief

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We’ve transformed the old-school water bottle into a high-tech wellness device that takes the edge off the most painful time of the month.

The Heating Pad and Massager combines the soothing effects of heat with a vibrating massager, for the ultimate relief. It’s powerful enough to relax muscles and release the aches of menstrual cramps. It heats up quickly, with 3 heat and massage settings to accommodate anything from mild to severe pain.

You never know when those cramps will hit, so the Hachiko is streamlined, portable, and always easy to charge via USB. It’s fitted with a comfortable elastic strap, so you can secure it against your belly, back, or neck for hands-free relief. The slim design makes it discreet, and you can even wear it under clothes.

Don’t get caught by surprise. Carry this little friend everywhere you go!

*Menstrual pain relief.

*Back pain relief.

*Neck pain relief.

*3 heat settings.

*3 massage settings.

*Soft material along the back for cozy comfort.

*Charge it anywhere with a complementary USB cable

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